Do you think you are tough enough? Get two GUN-eX® COBRA ropes and Hip Belt and try this:

  • 100 single whips on knees
  • 50 frog jumps
  • 100 spiral whips in & out on knees
  • 50 sprints
  • 100 double whips (every 20 whips jump back to increase resistance)

Can you beat 8 minutes?

Our benchmark time for completing the Spartan Challenge 400 is 8 minutes. Can you beat this time? Send us your result (preferably backed up by video).

Your personal fitness level test

You can use the Spartan Challenge 400 as your personal training progress check. Do the challenge every 3 months to see your training improvements. We guarantee you will be amazed by the difference after regularly training with GUN-eX® tools.

Word of warning

Beware that this challenge is only for the strong. Do not perform challenge as an untrained beginner. It is really tough and demanding on your physical endurance.

How to perform Spartan Challenge correctly?

Women are training with 300 N resistance, all men are training with 700 N resistance.

100 whips on knees, no resistance, marker on the ground at 5m from the anchor point, power movements, lot of energy

Use one rope with hip-belt, start marker at 5m , end marker at 9m from the anchor point, 3 power jumps in a row, return back and repeat till you count 50 frog jumps

50 whips outside, 50 whips inside, on knees, marker at 5m, powerful movements

Use one rope with hip-belt, start marker at 5m, end marker at 10m from the anchor point, 50 sprints full of power

100 standing power slams, 20 whips and 0,5m step back, 20whips and 0,5m step back… Step back half a meter every 20 whips till you count 100 reps.